I've been where you are...


Stuck in a career that didn't fulfill me. Totally lost. Completely burnt out. Unsure of where to go next. I knew my job as a corporate recruiter wasn't a fit, but I didn't know what to do next.


I tried job searching but nothing felt right. Even in interviews, I didn't feel passionate or excited about the roles I was interviewing for. Everything I did felt wrong.


With no idea where else to go in my career, I decided to stay in a position that I knew made me unhappy. With a great salary, benefits, a 401k, I figured, "how bad can it be?" and tried to stick it out. It wasn't until burnout effected my body so badly that I was forced to leave. I quit my job with hardly a plan in place.

I wondered how I had let it go so far...


My burnout had caused a gluten allergy, headaches, and chronic fatigue among other ailments. In hindsight, it was clear that my job wasn't worth all that. I realized that while my company was partially at fault of my burnout, I also was.


I always said, "yes" to everything my boss asked for. My PTO went unused and I came in to work even when I didn't feel well. I rarely asked for help and I refused to close my laptop and log off. I didn't eat well and I wasn't caring for myself.


I realized the problem was that my job wasn't the right fit, but I was also at fault. I needed to learn how to step up in my own power and protect myself.

I decided to take action to change my life.


I took a job that paid a lot less but had flexible hours and allowed me to travel. I invested in courses, coaches, and as much personal development as I could. With what I learned in recruiting and my own personal investments, I realized I wanted to be a resource for a past version of myself.

Working in recruiting, I knew the secrets of how to get jobs quickly. Combined with what I learned on my own about stepping up in your own life, I knew I could help others and transitioned into coaching.

Over the past four years, I have developed a thriving business helping women land dream careers and multi-6-figure compensation packages. I've helped dozens of women create careers and life beyond what they ever thought they could accomplish.

With my hands-on coaching, signature framework, and expert career knowledge, my clients up level their careers to transform their lives gaining personal, professional and financial freedom.

My clients are incredibly driven women who have accomplished things like...

  • Landing a 6-figure compensation package in 3 weeks
  • Starting their own podcast and side hustle
  • Getting a dream role in their dream city w/ a 6-figure salary
  • Increased their salary by from 46k to 96k (!!!)
  • Overcoming lifelong mindset blocks & imposter syndrome
  • Changing industries like higher education to non-profit
  • Pursuing their real estate license and entrepreneurship
  • Getting into a new role during their maternity leave

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I live in the beautiful Hudson Valley in NY. My coffee order isn't coffee (earl grey tea with steamed oat milk and honey), I believe you miss 100% of the dogs you don't pet, I'm amazing at music trivia and I'm currently learning how to kick people's butts with jiu jitsu. 

My Favorite TV Shows

The Office, New Girl, The Good Place, Atypical

My Enneagram Number

Pretty much a textbook 1 and that should tell you everything!

My Favorite Things

Sparkles, tea, vintage finds, yoga, hiking & camping

Best Place I've Traveled

Bali, Budapest, Vietnam, Puglia, and Glacier National Park